v0.0.2Published 7 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.


Log client-side Meteor collection and template events to the browser console.

Install package

$ cd app-dir
$ meteor add alanning:trace

Turn on tracing

Open browser console:

Chrome on OSX = Command + Option + J
Firefox on OSX = Command + Option + K

In browser console, type:


Example output

[trace] tracing started for collections
[trace] tracing collection 'meteor_autoupdate_clientVersions'
[trace] tracing collection 'groups'
[trace] tracing started for templates
[trace] tracing Template['hello'] helper 'counter'
[trace] tracing Template['groups'] created event
[trace] tracing Template['groups'] destroyed event
[trace] tracing Template['groups'] rendered event
[trace] tracing Template['groups'] helper 'myGroups'
[trace] Template['hello'] helper 'counter' called
[trace] Template['groups'] created
[trace] Template['groups'] helper 'myGroups' called
[trace] Template['groups'] helper 'myGroups' called
[trace] Template['groups'] rendered
[trace] meteor_autoupdate_clientVersions added t3B53jZ6uPxX2Sg9b Object {current: true}
[trace] meteor_autoupdate_clientVersions added version Object {version: "34c83570a9d310778690b1a6daa22ac188386964"}
[trace] meteor_autoupdate_clientVersions added version-cordova Object {version: "none", refreshable: false}
[trace] meteor_autoupdate_clientVersions added version-refreshable Object {version: "e6e9160d5667553616ec1369b4aa57d9bba82f13", assets: Object}
[trace] groups added zAcK2gTC4uf33EwBi Object {name: "Group 1", size: 15}
[trace] groups added LhdZvAsPaEkp2kwKW Object {name: "Group 2", size: 5}
[trace] groups added jqqKieArZSqcNuRA5 Object {name: "Group 3", size: 20}
[trace] groups added SBPanGpzHgoNjkC7k Object {name: "Group 4", size: 55}