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This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.


An add-on Meteor package for aldeed:autoform. Provides a single custom input type, "bootstrap-datetimepicker", which renders an input using the bootstrap-datetimepicker plugin.


Bootstrap and the plugin library must be installed separately.

In a Meteor app directory, enter:

$ meteor add twbs:bootstrap
$ meteor add tsega:bootstrap3-datetimepicker@=3.1.3_3
$ meteor add aldeed:autoform

If you need to use the timezoneId attribute to get the Date in some timezone other than the local client timezone, you must also add moment-timezone:

$ meteor add mrt:moment-timezone


In a Meteor app directory, enter:

$ meteor add aldeed:autoform-bs-datetimepicker


Specify "bootstrap-datetimepicker" for the type attribute of any input. This can be done in a number of ways:

In the schema, which will then work with a quickForm or afQuickFields:

2  date: {
3    type: Date,
4    autoform: {
5      afFieldInput: {
6        type: "bootstrap-datetimepicker"
7      }
8    }
9  }

Or on the afFieldInput component or any component that passes along attributes to afFieldInput:

1{{> afQuickField name="typeTest" type="bootstrap-datetimepicker"}}
3{{> afFormGroup name="typeTest" type="bootstrap-datetimepicker"}}
5{{> afFieldInput name="typeTest" type="bootstrap-datetimepicker"}}

Choosing a Timezone

By default, the field's value will be a Date object representing the selected date and time in the browser's timezone (i.e., based on the user's computer time settings). In most cases, you probably want the Date object relative to some other timezone that you have previously stored. For example, if the form is setting the start date of an event, you want the date to be relative to the event venue's timezone. You can specify a different IANA timezone ID by adding a timezoneId attribute.

2  date: {
3    type: Date,
4    autoform: {
5      afFieldInput: {
6        type: "bootstrap-datetimepicker",
7        timezoneId: "America/New_York"
8      }
9    }
10  }


1{{> afFieldInput name="typeTest" type="bootstrap-datetimepicker" timezoneId="America/New_York"}}

Automatic Type Conversions

This input type is intended to be used with type: Date schema keys, but it also works with other schema types. Here's a list:

  • Date: Value is stored as a Date object representing the selected date and time in the timezone you specified with the timezoneId attribute. By default, the timezone is that of the browser (i.e., the user's computer time settings).
  • String: Value is stored as a string representation of the selected date in ISO format, e.g., "2014-11-25T00:00:00".
  • Number: Value is stored as the result of calling getTime() on the Date object (representing the selected date and time in the timezone you specified).
  • Array: If the schema expects an array of Date or String or Number, the value is converted to a one-item array and stored.

To provide bootstrap-datetimepicker options, set a dateTimePickerOptions attribute equal to a helper that returns the options object.

Customizing Appearance

If you want to customize the appearance of the input, for example to use an input group with date/time icons, use the aldeed:template-extension package to replace the "afBootstrapDateTimePicker" template, like this:

1<template name="dpReplacement">
2  <div class='input-group date'>
3    <input type="text" value="" {{atts}}/>
4    <span class="input-group-addon">
5      <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-calendar"></span>
6    </span>
7  </div>




Anyone is welcome to contribute. Fork, make your changes, and then submit a pull request.

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