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The library will collect meteor specific metrics using node-measured library.

It's metrics platform agnostic so you can use it with any metrics software you want: signalfx, graphite, prometheus, etc...


meteor npm --save install measured-core
meteor npm --save install measured-reporting

meteor add kschingiz:meteor-measured


The library was well tested on Meteor 1.8 version, maybe it will work on older versions.


You will need to build measured reporter and pass it to meteor-measured:

Step 1:

1import { SelfReportingMetricsRegistry, LoggingReporter } from 'measured-reporting';
2const registry = new SelfReportingMetricsRegistry(
3  new LoggingReporter({
4    defaultDimensions: {
5      hostname: os.hostname()
6    }
7  })

Step 2:

1import meteorMeasured from 'meteor/kschingiz:meteor-measured';

meteorMeasured arguments

1meteorMeasured(registry, customDimensions, reportingInterval);

Reported metrics

Those metrics collected and reported

Sockets Metrics:

  1. Open sockets: 10 sockets open
  2. Live data sockets: 8 sockets uses livedata

Session Metrics:

  1. Sessions count: 8 meteor sessions

Pub/sub Metrics:

  1. Subscriptions count: 100 subscriptions
  2. Subscriptions count for each publication: testPub: 20 subs, notTestPub: 80 subs
  3. Published documents: 20 docs published
  4. Published documents for each collection: 10 docs of TestCollection published, 10 docs of NotTestCollection published

Observer Metrics:

  1. Number of observers: 20 observers created
  2. Number Observer drivers: Oplog drivers: 10, Polling drivers: 10
  3. Number of documents for each driver: TestCollection published by oplog driver: 10

Not reported metrics

Please note that the library will not collect and report those metrics:

  1. Node process metrics: CPU usage, RAM usage, etc...
  2. OS metrics: average free memoty, etc...

They are NOT Meteor specific, if you want to collect them, install and use measured-node-metrics:

meteor npm i --save measured-node-metrics


Those reporters are available for usage:

  1. LoggingReporter
  2. SignalFx Reporter

You will need to develop your own reporter implementation if you want to report to graphite, prometheus, etc...


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