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This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

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A package for writing and running your package tests with mocha. Supports running your mocha package tests in the browser or from the command line with spacejam.


1Package.onTest(function (api) {
2  api.use('practicalmeteor:mocha');
4  api.addFiles('my-mocha-tests.js');


With meteor in the browser

The same way you would run your tinytests or munit tests, just add --driver-package to the command line:

meteor test-packages --driver-package=practicalmeteor:mocha <package(s)>

With spacejam from the command line

With spacejam, you'll use our practicalmeteor:mocha-console-runner as the driver-package to print the test results to the console.

spacejam test-packages --driver-package=practicalmeteor:mocha-console-runner <package(s)>

Differences with mike:mocha

First, a big thanks to mike for figuring out and writing all the complex server side fibers aware wrapping code that was required to make mocha work server side. We use a fork of it as the basis of our package.

Second, thanks to us for letting mike know how to use his package for writing package tests with mocha :-)

After all the thanks, those are the differences:

  • Our html reporter is the basic HTML reporter that comes with mocha. His looks much better.

  • To display both client side and server side results, we made a "quick and dirty" decision to split the screen horizontally into two reporters, one for client results and one for server results.

  • Our reporter doesn't depend on velocity or mongodb - client side tests are reported directly to the client side reporter, and server side tests are reported to the client using a collectionless publication. This implies that everything will work faster.

  • We do not support writing mocha tests for your app's code. Only code in packages can be tested with this package.

  • Most importantly, we created it in order to be able to run our mocha tests using spacejam in our continuous integration environment, and to be able to finally stop using munit, our weird creation that tried to create a mocha style interface on top of meteor's tinytest, which was forcing the issue.

Writing your own custom reporters

This package, in combination with spacejam, will support writing and using your own custom reporters. This can be useful if you need a specific output format, such as xunit, in your CI env.

If someone would like to get this going, we'll be happy to provide how-to instructions.


mocha - MIT

mike:mocha - MIT

practicalmeteor:mocha - MIT