v1.3.0Published 5 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Meteor Link Accounts

A Meteor package designed to links social network accounts without any hassles.

Next Steps

  • Look into work with Apollo (graphQL)
  • Look into merge into meteor/accounts.
  • Update to be more open and catch up to current state of Javascript


  • Link additional social network accounts.
  • Don't modify any Meteor core packages.
  • Don't force users to add additional Meteor packages that they are not going to use.


  • Call Meteor.linkWith[ServiceName] in place instead of loginWith. (client side)
  • For unlink, Use Accounts.unlinkService(userId, serviceName). (server side)

Design notes:

  1. Piggyback on existing Meteor oauth login system. Use login handler.

  2. We do not allow link different account from same service for now. For example, you could not link with 2 different github accounts.

  3. Save the linked service info on, instead of creating new field on user object. This allow user logins the application from linked services.

  4. Don't create a temporary user account and then merge it.

Support Accounts Package

Official packages

  • accounts-meteor-developer
  • accounts-github
  • accounts-facebook
  • accounts-google
  • accounts-twitter
  • accounts-meetup
  • accounts-weibo

Community packages

  • btafel:accounts-facebook-cordova
  • bozhao:accounts-instagram
  • mrt:accounts-vk
  • mikepol:accounts-ok
  • mikepol:accounts-mailru
  • jonperl:accounts-linkedin
  • garbolino:accounts-soundcloud
  • alexbeauchemin:accounts-twitch
  • nicolaiwadstrom:meteor-angellist
  • acemtp:meteor-slack
  • xinranxiao:meteor-spotify
  • gcampax:accounts-dropbox
  • pcooney10:accounts-venmo
  • leonzhang1109:accounts-wechat
  • leonzhang1109:accounts-qq
  • storyteller:accounts-line