v2.1.1Published 7 months ago

Safer collection.update

I’ve recently erased 45 docs in the database because of the stupid behavior collection.update.

This is the story of of how the idea of this package came.

Look out!

The behavior of collection.update in Meteor a bit dangerous.

If you forget to add a $set operator to a mongo modifier or any other $-operator (like $set, $unset, $inc, etc.), then it is instead interpreted as a literal document, and completely replaces whatever was previously in the database. You may accidentally lose a document if you write this:

Docs.update('f7uJjPPQJP7Ytf3pE', {important: 1});

...instead of this:

Docs.update('f7uJjPPQJP7Ytf3pE', {$set: {important: 1}});


This package protects you from this and throws if there is no $-operators in the modifier:

Docs.update('f7uJjPPQJP7Ytf3pE', {important: 1});
// /!\ Error: modifier doesn’t contain any $-operators...

But if you still want to rewrite the entire document, just pass the replace:true to the options object:

Docs.update('f7uJjPPQJP7Ytf3pE', {deleted: 1}, {replace: true});
// → One doc updated successfully


meteor add chatra:safe-update


Just use collection.update as usual. You will be warned in case of danger of replacing the docs. But if replacement of the whole document is what you need, force it using replace:true.

Applying to specific collections

You can apply a plugin to specific collections by passing an except or only option to the SAFE_UPDATE_CONFIG global variable. This is useful for tests and collections from third-party packages.

  except: ['TestCollection']
  // or only: ['Foo', 'Bar']