v1.1.1Published last year

Picker - Server Side Router for Meteor

Picker is an easy to use server side router for Meteor. This router respect others. So, you can use Iron Router and other routers and middlewares along side with this.


meteor add communitypackages:picker

Getting Started

2Picker.route('/post/:_id', function(params, req, res, next) {
3  const post = Posts.findOne(params._id);
4  res.end(post.content);
  • You can use Meteor APIs inside this callback (runs inside a Fiber)
  • Route definitions are very similar to Iron Router and Express
  • req is an instance of NodeJS http.IncomingMessage
  • res is an instance of NodeJS http.ServerResponse
  • next is optional and call it, if you don't need to handle the current request

Filtering and Sub Routes

This is a unique functionality of this router. See following example:

Let's say we need to handle only POST requests. This is how you can do it with Picker.

1const postRoutes = Picker.filter(function(req, res) {
2  // you can write any logic you want.
3  // but this callback does not run inside a fiber
4  // at the end, you must return either true or false
5  return req.method === "POST";
8postRoutes.route('/post/:id', function(params, req, res, next) {
9  // ...

You can create any amount of sub routes with this filter API. Same time, you can create nested sub routes as well.


You can use existing connect and express middlewares without any issues.

1import bodyParser from 'body-parser';
3// Add two middleware calls. The first attempting to parse the request body as
4// JSON data and the second as URL encoded data.
5Picker.middleware( bodyParser.json() );
6Picker.middleware( bodyParser.urlencoded( { extended: false } ) );

You can use middlewares on sub routes as well.