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This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Grapher 1.3

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Grapher is a Data Fetching Layer on top of Meteor and MongoDB. It is production ready and battle tested.

Main features:

  • Innovative way to make MongoDB relational
  • Blends in with Apollo GraphQL making it highly performant
  • Reactive data graphs for high availability
  • Incredible performance
  • Denormalization ability
  • Connection to external data sources
  • Usable from anywhere

It marks a stepping stone into evolution of data, enabling developers to write complex and secure code, while maintaining the code base easy to understand.

Grapher 1.3 is LTS until 2024

Read more about the GraphQL Bridge


meteor add cultofcoders:grapher


This provides a learning curve for Grapher and it explains all the features. If you want to visualize the documentation better, check it out here:


Grapher cheatsheet, after you've learned it's powers this is the document will be very useful.

Useful packages

Events for Meteor (+ Grapher, Redis Oplog and GraphQL/Apollo)

  • Meteor Night 2018: Arguments for Meteor - Theodor Diaconu, CEO of Cult of Coders: “Redis Oplog, Grapher, and Apollo Live.

Premium Support

If you are looking to integrate Grapher in your apps and want online or on-site consulting and training, shoot us an e-mail, we will be more than happy to aid you.

Quick Illustration


2    posts: {
3        title: 1,
4        author: {
5            fullName: 1,
6        },
8            text: 1,
9            createdAt: 1,
10            author: {
11                fullName: 1,
12            },
13        },
14        categories: {
15            name: 1,
16        },
17    },


        _id: 'postId',
        title: 'Introducing Grapher',
        author: {
            _id: 'authorId',
            fullName: 'John Smith
        comments: [
                _id: 'commentId',
                text: 'Nice article!,
                createdAt: Date,
                author: {
                    fullName: 1
        categories: [ {_id: 'categoryId', name: 'JavaScript'} ]