v0.3.10Published 8 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Meteor Factory

A package for creating test data or for generating fixtures.


$ meteor add dburles:factory


Defining factories

1Authors = new Meteor.Collection('authors');
2Books = new Meteor.Collection('books');
4Factory.define('author', Authors, {
5  name: 'John Smith'
6}).after(function(author) {
7  // Do something smart
10Factory.define('book', Books, {
11  authorId: Factory.get('author'),
12  name: 'A book',
13  year: function() { return _.random(1900, 2014); }
16// We can also extend from an existing factory
17Factory.define('anotherBook', Books, Factory.extend('book', {
18  // ...

Creating documents

1// Inserts a new book into the books collection
2var book = Factory.create('book');
4// New fields can be added or overwritten
5var book = Factory.create('book', { name: 'A better book' });


Factory.define('name', Collection, doc).after(function(doc) { ... })

  • name
    • A name for this factory
  • Collection
    • A meteor collection
  • doc
    • Document object
  • .after hook (Optional)
    • Returns the newly inserted document


Returns the instance of name. Typical usage is to specify a relationship between collections as seen in the Book example above.

When calling Factory.create('book') both the Book and an Author are created. The newly created Author _id will then be automatically assigned to that field. In the case of calling Factory.build('book') as no insert operations are run, the _id will be faked.

Factory.build('name', doc)

Builds the data structure for this factory

  • name
    • The name defined for this factory
  • doc (Optional)
    • Document object

Factory.create('name', doc)

Creates (inserts) this factory into mongodb

  • name
    • The name defined for this factory
  • doc (Optional)
    • Document object

Factory.extend('name', doc)

Extend from an existing factory

  • name
    • The name defined for this factory
  • doc (Optional)
    • Document object


Fake makes a great companion package. See https://atmospherejs.com/anti/fake


MIT. (c) Percolate Studio

factory was developed as part of the Verso project.