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Template package with CI and everything else to get started quickly with creating a new FOSS Meteor package.

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BETA stage

This package is in active development and is working, but many features are still missing and bugs are very much likely. Use with caution!

Getting started


meteor add freedombase:web3-login


To set up additional providers beside Metamask add them to your settings.json:

2  "public": {
3    "packages": {
4      "freedombase:web3-login": {
5        "providername": {
6          "provider": "settings"
7        }
8      }
9    }
10  }

Providers available at this moment (no need to install provider package, for settings see the providerOptions part):

More coming soon!

Client methods

Meteor.loginWithWeb3 / loginWithWeb3

@locus client @param options { { loginMessage: string, onlyReturnAddress?: boolean } } @param callback optional { (error?: Meteor.Error, result?: boolean) => void }


@locus client @param message { String } @param recordVerification { Boolean } @param callback optional { (error?: Meteor.Error, result?: boolean) => void }


@locus client @param message { String } @param usersEthAddress { String } @param callback optional { (error?: Meteor.Error, result?: boolean) => void }

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!