v0.3.10Published 7 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Meteor Autoform Modals

Adds bootstrap modals to insert/update/remove docs from Meteor collections.


  1. meteor add yogiben:autoform-modals
  2. Include the template in the layouts that will use the modals {{> autoformModals}}
  3. Use afModal template to create a button that will trigger the modal

alt tag

##Example Button Markup##

Insert Example

{{#afModal class="btn btn-primary" collection="Posts" operation="insert"}}
  Add a new post

Update Example

{{#afModal class="btn btn-primary" collection="Posts" operation="update" doc=_id}}
  Update post

Remove Example

{{#afModal class="btn btn-danger" collection="Posts" operation="remove" doc=_id}}
  Delete post

Example with customisation

{{#afModal class="btn btn-primary" collection="Posts" omitFields="createdAt,owner,upvotes" operation="update" buttonContent="Update Challenger" prompt="Use this form to update your doc" title="Update your great content" buttonClasses="btn-success"}}
  Update your post

##Usage## Use afModal template to create a link that will trigger the modal. The required attributes of this template are collection & operation.

Collection should be the name of the global collection object e.g. Posts.

Operation can be insert,update or remove.

If operation="update" or operation="remove" you also need to set the doc property to the _id of the document or to an object containing the document. This object must contain the _id of the document. If operation="insert" you can optionally set the doc property to an object containing some data you want to insert into the document (but you can't use the _id instead of the object and the object shouldn't contain the ```_id`` either).


It is possible to customise the modals by adding additional attributes to the afModal template.

  • title will be the title of the modal (default to html of the button clicked)
  • buttonContent is the html content of the modals' button (default to html of the button clicked)
  • buttonClasses allows you to add different classes to the submit button. See the autoform docs.
  • closeButtonContent is the html content of the modals' close button (not visible by default). Please note currently this feature is available on operation="remove" dialogs only.
  • closeButtonClasses allows you to add different classes to the close button.
  • fields is a comma separated list of the only fields that should be in the form. See the autoform docs.
  • omitFields is a comma separated list of fields to omit. See the autoform docs.
  • prompt a paragraph appears above the form / delete button. Defaults to 'Are you sure?' on delete.
  • template any template string that autoform accepts. See the autoform docs
  • labelClass defines a bootstrap class for use when the horizontal class is used, how many columns should the label take? For example:
  • inputColClass defines a bootstrap class for use when the horizontal class is used, how many columns should the input take? For example:
  • placeholder set to true if you wish to use the schema label for the input placeholder.
  • formId defines id of the quickForm template. Useful when you want to set your custom autoform hooks.
  • backdrop disables or enables modal-backdrop. Defaults to true (modal can be dismissed by mouse click). To disable use 'static' value. (See more here)
  • meteormethod if specified meteor method will be called on submit. This has the same effect as passing type="method" and meteormethod to autoform template. See autoform docs for more details.
  • onSuccess function to be called when operation succeeds. Currently it's supported for operation="remove" only.
  • dialogClass can be used to add additional class for .modal-dialog (e.g. modal-sm)


It's possible to add your own autoform callbacks/hooks by setting the formId.