v1.0.2Published 3 years ago

Autoform Bootstrap 4

Dynamic imported Bootstrap 4 theme for aldeed:autoform.

Installation and usage

If you haven't installed Bootstrap 4 yet, you need to install it and it's peer dependencies using NPM. Then add this package and fontawesome to your Meteor packages. Note, that Meteor's default builtin jquery is not sufficient, which is why you need to add it here, too.

meteor npm install --save bootstrap popper.js jquery
meteor add jkuester:autoform-bootstrap4

Note: this package supports font awesome 5 (currently limited to fa-solid free) but you need to install it manually. Next, make sure to import Bootstrap properly, for example in client/main.js:

1import 'bootstrap'
2import popper from 'popper.js'
3global.Popper = popper

The templates are imported using dynamic-import like the following:

1import  { AutoFormBootstrap4 } from 'meteor/jkuester:autoform-bootstrap4'
4  .then(() => { /* ... */ })
5  .catch(e => console.error(e))

If you want to use this theme for a specific Template, you need to add the template="bootstrap4" property to your autoForm or quickForm code. If you want to set this theme for all (auto)forms place the following code for example in client/main.js:

1import  { AutoFormBootstrap4 } from 'meteor/jkuester:autoform-bootstrap4'