v0.4.3Published 6 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

To define a name, steps, and other metadata for a packaged tutorial, use the mdg:tutorial-registry package.


Now, when the package is added to a tutorial registry compatible app, it will automatically integrate by generating routes, pages, etc. for your tutorial.

Usage for a tutorial author

  1. Make your tutorial package depend on mdg:tutorial-registry
  2. In your package code, register a tutorial in the following way:
2  title: "Simple Todos React",
3  subtitle: "Learn how to make a simple todo app using Meteor",
4  slug: "simple-todos-react", // must be unique, used in URLs
5  tutorialSourceLink: "",
6  steps: [
7    {
8      title: "Creating an app",
9      slug: "creating-an-app", // must be unique, used in URLs
10      template: "simple-todos-react-step01"
11  ]

You can add additional fields, but the fields above are

Usage for tutorial app builder

If you want to build an app where people can submit tutorials in the form of packages, you should add the package to your app:

meteor add mdg:tutorial-registry

Access the dictionary of available tutorials on the TutorialRegistry.tutorials object.