v1.0.9Published 7 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.


Compiles angular templates into the template cache.


In order to use this compiler, you need first to remove the default HTML compiler in Meteor, by running:

$ meteor remove blaze-html-templates

And then add the compiler for Angular 1.0 by running:

$ meteor add angular-templates

How to use the compiler?

So you do not have to do anything else besides adding the compiler to your project. The compiler will automatically compiles every .html file you add to your project.


2.component('app', {
3    templateUrl: '/ui/component/app.html'
4    // ... rest of options
5  });

Using url of a template

1import templateUrl from './ui/component/app.html';
4  .component('app', {
5    templateUrl, // equivalent to `templateUrl: templateUrl`
6    // ... rest of options
7  });

Using template as a string

1import template from '../ui/component/app.html!raw';
4  .component('app', {
5    template, // equivalent to `template: template`
6    // ... rest of options
7  });

Our recommendations

Since a component doesn't exist without its template, in our opinion it is the best approach to import the content. This is why we created urigo:static-templates.

We recommend you to use the template as a string method, this way you can easily migrate to urigo:static-templates.

Migration process:

  1. Partly move all of your components to work with template (!raw suffix) instead of templateUrl.
  2. Remove angular-templates.
  3. Add urigo:static-templates.
  4. Remove !raw suffix from template imports. It could be done component by component since !raw suffix also exists in urigo:static-templates. We've done this to make the migration process easier.

Known issues