v0.1.3Published 3 months ago


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Isomorphic polyfill for the WHATWG fetch() API.

In modern browsers, the native fetch() API can be used without a polyfill. In other words, this package has almost no footprint in modern browsers. This package calls setMinimumBrowserVersions to enforce minimum modern browser versions. However, fetch() has been supported natively by most browsers for long enough that these minimum versions are unlikely to make any difference in the isModern test, compared to more recent features like async functions.

In legacy browsers, the whatwg-fetch polyfill is used. Thanks to Meteor's modern/legacy system, this polyfill adds no weight to the modern JS bundle.

In Node, the node-fetch polyfill is used. Note: unlike the client polyfills, the Node polyfill does not define the fetch function globally. However, any application or package that depends on the Meteor fetch package can refer to fetch as if it was a global function (or import { fetch } from "meteor/fetch").