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The Less package provides a compiler build plugin for the Meteor build tool. It handles the compilation of *.less files to CSS.



  • Updated less to 4.1.1


  • Updated less to 3.11.1.
  • Import files without ending as less files, according to less import rules.
  • Add javascriptEnabled option to less, to be backwards compatible to previous version of this package.


If you want to use it in your app, just run:

meteor add less

If you want to use it for your package, add it in your package control file's onUse block:

1Package.onUse(function (api) {
2  ...
3  api.use('less');
4  ...

File types

There are two different types of files recognized by this package:

  • Less sources (all *.less files that are not imports)
  • Less imports:
    • files with the import.less extension: *.import.less
    • files in an imports directory: **/imports/**/*.less
    • marked as isImport: true in the package's package.js file: api.addFiles('x.less', 'client', {isImport: true})

The source files are compiled automatically. The imports are not loaded by themselves; you need to import them from one of the source files to use them.

The imports are intended to keep shared mixins and variables for your project, or to allow your package to provide several components which your package's users can opt into one by one.

Each compiled source file produces a separate CSS file. (The standard-minifier-css package merges them into one file afterwards.)


You can use the regular @import syntax to import any Less files: sources or imports.

Besides the usual way of importing files based on the relative path in the same package (or app), you can also import files from other packages or apps with the following syntax.

Importing styles from a different package:

@import "{my-package:pretty-buttons}/buttons/styles.import.less"

.my-button {
  // use the styles imported from a package

Importing styles from the target app:

@import "{}/client/styles/imports/colors.less"

.my-nav {
  // use a color from the app style pallete
  background-color: @primary-branding-color;

Importing styles relative to the current package/app's root:

@import "/path/to/style.import.less";