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This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Google API

A Meteor library to interact with Google's API.

Works with accounts-google to automatically handle refresh/access token changes and give you a simple API to make calls.


meteor add percolate:google-api


To call the library, use the get() and post() functions:

GoogleApi.get('/your/api/path', options[, callback]);

If callback is provided (client or server), the call will be made asynchronously.

Available methods: GoogleApi.get,, GoogleApi.patch, GoogleApi.put, GoogleApi.delete

GoogleApi is a Google OAuth authentication wrapper around HTTP, so it takes the same arguments. For example, to pass a JSON body in, use:'/your/api/path', { data: jsonBody });

On the client, if you do not provide a callback, the library will return a Q promise. On the server, it will run synchronously.

If the user's access token has expired, it will transparently call the exchangeRefreshToken method to get a new refresh token. To call this method manually (e.g. from other Google API packages), use'exchangeRefreshToken'[, userId]). You should first check that that the user's token has actually expired, though, since this method won't.


If you are running client side or in a method call, the package will automatically use the OAuth access token of the current user, and use the refresh token to refresh it if it's out of date (saving to the database also).

If you are running from a context without a Meteor.user(), you can pass {user: X} in the options argument to achieve this behaviour.


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MIT license, (c) Percolate Studio, maintained by Tom Coleman (@tmeasday).