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pwix:accounts-tools - README

What is it ?

Some functions and tools gathered here to help the accounts management.

Note: At the moment, we focus on the Meteor.users collection as created by accounts-passwd package.

Note: According to Accounts API, "[...] an email address may belong to at most one user". According to Passwords API, "[...] if there are existing users with a username or email only differing in case, createUser will fail". We so consider in this package first, and more globally in our applications, that both the email address and the username can be used as a user account identifier.


Just add the package to your application, and enjoy!

    meteor add pwix:accounts-tools


The package's behavior can be configured through a call to the AccountsTools.configure() method, with just a single javascript object argument, which itself should only contains the options you want override.

Known configuration options are:

  • preferredLabel

    When not explicitely specified, which label choose to qualify a user account? Following values are accepted:

    • AccountsTools.C.PreferredLabel.USERNAME
    • AccountsTools.C.PreferredLabel.EMAIL_ADDRESS

    A function can be provided by the application for this parm. The function will be called without argument and must return one of the accepted values.

    Defaults to AccountsTools.C.preferredLabel.EMAIL_ADDRESS, though the actually displayed label heavily depends of the runtime configuration as we try to always display something.

  • verbosity

    The verbosity level as:

    • AccountsTools.C.Verbose.NONE

    or an OR-ed value of integer constants:

    • AccountsTools.C.Verbose.CONFIGURE

    A function can be provided by the application for this parm. The function will be called without argument and MUST return a suitable value.

    • AccountsTools.C.Verbose.PREFERREDLABEL

    Trace the AccountsTools.preferredLabel() operations and fallbacks.

    • AccountsTools.C.Verbose.SERVERDB

    Trace results from server accesses to the database.

    Defaults to AccountsTools.C.Verbose.NONE.

Please note that AccountsTools.configure() method should be called in the same terms both in client and server sides.

Remind too that Meteor packages are instanciated at application level. They are so only configurable once, or, in other words, only one instance has to be or can be configured. Addtionnal calls to AccountsTools.configure() will just override the previous one. You have been warned: only the application should configure a package.

What does it provide ?


The globally exported object.


AccountsTools.configure( o )

The configuration of the package.

See Configuring.

AccountsTools.isEmailVerified( email [, user] )

As its name says.

The function returns a Promise which will eventually resolve to a true|false boolean value.

If a user document is provided, then we search for the email address verification flag in this document. Else we search for the email address in the Meteor.users collection.


A getter which returns the current configuration options as an Options.Base object.

See pwix:options package for a full description of the Options.Base class.

AccountsTools.preferredLabel( id|user [, preferred] )

The function returns a Promise which will eventually resolve to the result object.

The result object has following keys:

  • label: the computed preferred label
  • origin: the origin, which may be ID if the account has not been found, or AccountsTools.C.PreferredLabel.USERNAME or AccountsTools.C.PreferredLabel.EMAIL_ADDRESS.

The application may have ask for either a username or an email address, or both. When time comes to display an identification string to the user, we need to choose between the username and the email address (if both apply), depending of the preference of the caller.

The caller preference is optional, may be one the following values:

  • AccountsTools.C.PreferredLabel.USERNAME
  • AccountsTools.C.PreferredLabel.EMAIL_ADDRESS

Default is the configured value.

AccountsTools.preferredLabelRV( id|user [, preferred] )

The same method that above AccountsTools.preferredLabel(), but returns a ReactiveVar which handles the Promise.

AccountsTools.writeData( id|user, set )

Update (do not create) a user document with the provided set.

The function returns:

  • on the client, a Promise which eventually resolves to the result

  • on the server, the result Metoer.update() method.


When choosing the preferred label

  • AccountsTools.C.PreferredLabel.USERNAME
  • AccountsTools.C.PreferredLabel.EMAIL_ADDRESS

Verbosity level

  • AccountsTools.C.Verbose.NONE
  • AccountsTools.C.Verbose.CONFIGURE
  • AccountsTools.C.Verbose.SERVERDB
  • AccountsTools.C.Verbose.PREFERREDLABEL

NPM peer dependencies

In accordance with advices from the Meteor Guide, we do not hardcode NPM dependencies in package.js. Instead we check npm versions of installed packages at runtime, on server startup, in development environment.

Dependencies as of v 2.0.0:

    'lodash': '^4.17.0'

Each of these dependencies should be installed at application level:

    meteor npm install <package> --save


New and updated translations are willingly accepted, and more than welcome. Just be kind enough to submit a PR on the Github repository.

P. Wieser

  • Last updated on 2024, May. 25th