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A client-only Meteor helper package to detect at runtime the nature of the user interface to be displayed:

  • either in portrait or paysage mode
  • either for a large screen (desktop) or a small one (mobile)
  • with or without a keyboard/mouse
  • with or without a touchable device.

In a mobile (Cordova) application, routes are not displayed as they are in a web browser, but even if routes are not directly available to the user, they are still handled under the hood.

So, we must deal with three runtime environments

  • Cordova emulation of a mobile application

  • web browser on a touch device

    These two runtime environments are quite similar in that they are both restrictives in the amount of displayable informations.

    Differences come only from the available display size which may range from very small (smartphone) to very large (high-res tv). They are for now resolved through CSS media queries. Some menu-driven layout changes may be planned later depending of identified use cases.

  • web browser on a desktop (+mouse) device

This package aims to provide all that is needed by an application in order to handle all possible cases of running devices.


The package may be configured by calling at initialization time the uiLayout.configure() function with an object containing the keys to be be configured.

Note that this object only needs to embeds keys the application wants explicitely configure, as the corresponding values will override the default ones.


The package defines two breakpoints, and two corresponding less constants:

  • @ui-sm-width: 480px
  • @ui-md-width: 768px

These constants are thought to be used in media queries, and can be imported in an application less file as:


A global object

  • uiLayout

The detectIt result

  • uiLayout.detectIt{ ... }

The result of the detectIt analyse (see


  • uiLayout.height()

    The current document's viewport height A reactive data source

  • uiLayout.width()

    The browser viewport width A reactive data source

  • uiLayout.cordova()

    Whether we are running a mobile (Cordova) application

  • uiLayout.touchable()

    Whether a touchable device is the primary input way (i.e. no keyboard nor mouse)


    Whether we are running on a mobile device

    Please note that, contrarily to other datas, whether we are running, or not, on a mobile device, say a phone, is only a hint, as we do not have any objective way to detect this type of environment. For now, we are tracking a touchable device with a small resolution, or a Cordova environment.

  • uiLayout.landscape()

    Whether we are using a landscape layout A reactive data source

  • uiLayout.resize()

    The last resize event timestamp A reactive data source

  • uiLayout.view()

    Returns a UI_VIEW_N/MD/SM constant regarding the current size of the viewport A reactive data source



    an integer constant with @ui-sm-width value


    an integer constant with @ui-md-width value


    A constant for a normal-size view, which may be tested againt the result of uiLayout.view()


    A constant for a medium-size view, which may be tested againt the result of uiLayout.view()


    A constant for a small-size view, which may be tested againt the result of uiLayout.view()

Blaze helpers

The package defines some globally available Blaze helpers:

  • Class-name helpers: return the configured class

    • uiCordovaClass
    • uiTouchableClass
    • uiMobileClass
    • uiLandscapeClass
    • uiPortraitClass
  • Class-name helpers: return the 'hidden' or 'visible' class as configured

    • uiHiddenIfCordova
    • uiVisibleIfCordova
    • uiHiddenIfTouchable
    • uiVisibleIfTouchable
    • uiHiddenIfMobile
    • uiVisibleIfMobile
    • uiHiddenIfLandscape
    • uiVisibleIfLandscape
    • uiHiddenIfPortrait
    • uiVisibleIfPortrait
  • Boolean helpers

    • uiCordova
    • uiTouchable
    • uiMobile
    • uiLandscape
    • uiPortrait
  • Sizing helpers

    • uiView

      returns the current view size as a string constant

    • uiNView

      test for a normal-size view

    • uiMDView

      test for a medium-size view

    • uiSMView

      test for a small-size view

Maintainer reminder - Test environments

As a reminder, we have tested this package on following devices:

  • XPS13 HDPI: ~2000x1000px
  • Samsung Tab S: 1280x680px
  • Samsung S8: 360x670

NPM peer dependencies

Starting with v 1.1.0, and in accordance with advices from the Meteor Guide, we no more hardcode NPM dependencies in the Npm.depends clause of the package.js.

Instead we check npm versions of installed packages at runtime, on server startup, in development environment.

Dependencies as of v 1.1.0:

  • printf, starting with v 4.0.

Each of these dependencies should be installed at application level:

    meteor npm install <package> --save

P. Wieser

  • Last updated on 2023, Jan. 31st