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What is it ?

A simple toggle switch Blaze component for Meteor.

Why this package?

Well because we cannot just copy a Blaze component in each and every package or application which would need it:

  • first, because this is always a bad idea to just duplicate code, as this obviously also duplicates maintenance efforts and bugs
  • second, because Blaze has a single namespace per application, and so refuses to have a duplicated component name.


This Meteor package is installable with the usual command:

    meteor add pwix:toggle-switch


Very simple:

In your HTML template

1    {{> toggleSwitch (switchParms) }}

In your template helper

1    switchParms(){
2        return {
3            labelLeft: 'my label'
4        }
5    }


Blaze components


A simple toggle switch:

  • an example with a labelBottom set, switch is « On »

    switch on

  • an example with a labelBottom set, switch is « Off »

    switch on

  • an example with labelTop and labelBottom set

    switch top+bottom

  • an example with labelLeft and labelRight set

    switch left+right

The component is configurable with an object passed as an argument, which may contain:

  • name

    A string which is expected to uniquely identify the toggle switch.

  • labelTop

  • labelRight

  • labelBottom

  • labelLeft

    An HTML string to be displayed above (resp. on the right, below, on the left) of the button, defaulting to none.

  • title

    A string to be used as the button title, defaulting to none.

  • state

    Whether the switch is initially « On », defaulting to true.

  • enabled

    Whether the switch is enabled, defaulting to true.

Informational events

  • ts-answer

    The message is triggered as an answer to ts-request received event.

    It holds associated { name: <name>, state: <state>, enable: <enabled> } data.

  • ts-state

    The message is triggered each time the state of the toggle switch changes.

    It holds associated { name: <name>, state: <new_state> } data, where <new_state> is true (resp. false) when switch is « On » (resp. « Off »).

Action events

  • ts-request

    The message can be sent to the toggleSwitch component class to request a ts-answer answer.


None at the moment.

NPM peer dependencies

None at the moment.


None at the moment.

Cookies and comparable technologies

None at the moment.

Issues & help

In case of support or error, please report your issue request to our Issues tracker.

P. Wieser

  • Last updated on 2024, Jun. 13th