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What is it ?

A Meteor package which just includes Bootstrap5 in your application.

This prevent you to manually include each and every wanted Bootstrap5 file. Just use this package, and enjoy.


This Meteor package is installable with the usual command:

    meteor add pwix:ui-bootstrap5


Nothing to do here, but do not forget to install the required NPM packages (see below).


The required js and css files are automatically made available on the client.


None at the moment.

NPM peer dependencies

Starting with v 0.3.0, and in accordance with advices from the Meteor Guide, we no more hardcode NPM dependencies in the Npm.depends clause of the package.js.

Instead we check npm versions of installed packages at runtime, on server startup, in development environment.

Dependencies as of v 2.0.0:

    '@popperjs/core': '^2.11.0',
    'bootstrap': '^5.2.0',

Each of these dependencies should be installed at application level:

    meteor npm install <package> --save


None at the moment.

Cookies and comparable technologies

None at the moment.

Issues & help

In case of support or error, please report your issue request to our Issues tracker.

P. Wieser

  • Last updated on 2024, Jun. 13th