v2.0.0Published 3 years ago


forked from DispatchMe/meteor-login-token

Automatically log in a user if a valid, unexpired authToken is present in the URL.

Use at your own risk.


Add package

$ meteor add quave:login-token

Generate a token for a user (server-only)

1const token = LoginToken.findOrCreateTokenForUser(userId);

Log in...

Go to http://myapp.mydomain.com/some/route?authToken=<token>


The LoginToken object emits events both on the client and server. To listen to events, just use LoginToken.on('<event name>', callback);

The events are:

  • errorServer
  • errorClient
  • loggedInServer
  • loggedInClient

The "error" callbacks receive the error as the only argument, and the "loggedIn" callbacks receive the userId` as the only argument.

### Change expiration
Set the token expiration by running `LoginToken.setExpiration(val)`. It is in **milliseconds**. It default to one hour (60 * 60 * 1000).