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Exposing internal Meteor APIs to hack Meteor easily, fork from meteorhacks/meteorx. I will maintain it and update it in the future. If you find an error, please open the issue in this project!

Available APIs on Server-side

1MeteorX {
2  Server: [Function: Server],
3  // livedata
4  Session: [Function: Session],
5  Subscription: [Function: Subscription],
6  SessionCollectionView: [Function: SessionCollectionView],
7  SessionDocumentView: [Function: SessionDocumentView],
8  // mongo-livedata
9  MongoConnection: { [Function: MongoConnection] _isCannotChangeIdError: [Function] },
10  MongoCursor: [Function: Cursor],
11  MongoOplogDriver: { [Function: OplogObserveDriver] cursorSupported: [Function] },
12  MongoPollingDriver: [Function: PollingObserveDriver],
13  Multiplexer: [Function: ObserveMultiplexer],
14  SynchronousCursor: [Function: SynchronousCursor],


read more in atmospherejs

$ meteor add lamhieu:meteorx

What you can do with this

Think about your meteor related issues and fix them. Some of them are:

  • Unblock Subscriptions
  • Remove MergeBox