v1.0.2Published 8 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.


rich interactive react charting components using chart.js including

  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • StackedBar chart
  • Radar chart
  • Polar area chart
  • Pie chart
  • Doughnut chart

based on jhudson8/react-chartjs


This is a CommonJS component only (to be used with something like Webpack or Browserify)

meteor add universe:react-chartjs

Example Usage

import {Line} from '{universe:react-chartjs}'

var data = {
    labels: ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July"],
    datasets: [
            label: "My First dataset",
            fillColor: "rgba(250,195,168,0.5)",
            strokeColor: "rgba(220,220,220,1)",
            pointColor: "rgba(250,195,168,1)",
            pointStrokeColor: "#fff",
            pointHighlightFill: "#fff",
            pointHighlightStroke: "rgba(220,220,220,1)",
            data: [65, 59, 80, 81, 56, 55, 40]

export default React.createClass({
    displayName: 'StatsWidget',
    render () {
        return (
                <Line data={data} className='unichart' options={{responsive:true}}/>
  • data represents the chart data (see chart.js for details)
  • options represents the chart options (see chart.js for details)
  • all other parameters will be passed through to the canvas element
  • if data passed into the component changes, points will animate between values using chart.js' .update(). If you want the chart destroyed and redrawn on every change, pass in redraw as a prop. For example <LineChart data={this.state.chartData} redraw />

Chart References

The canvas element can be retrieved using getCanvas and the chartjs object can be retrieved using getChart.