v1.1.0Published 3 years ago

Meteor CPU Profiler

This package makes it easy to create CPU profiles of Meteor's build process.

example flamechart

Compatible with Meteor 1.4 and newer. This package is based on qualia:profile.


meteor add zodern:build-profiler


This package records CPU profiles when building an app, and stores them in the app's .meteor folder at .meteor/local/cpu-profiles.

Three different kinds of profiles will be saved to that folder.

  1. initial-build.cpuprofile profiles the build process the very first time it is run.
  2. full-rebuild.cpuprofile profiles the build process when at least one server-side file has changed.
  3. client-rebuild.cpuprofile profiles the build process when only client-side files have changed. Meteor skips building the server in this situation.

Reading Profiles

In Chrome:

  1. Go to chrome://inspect and open the dedicated DevTools for Node
  2. Switch to the profiler tab and click Load
  3. Open a cpu profile stored in at <app's path>/.meteor/local/cpu-profiles

For guidance on how to interpret these profiles, this tutorial is a good first step.