v4.0.0-beta.6Published 3 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.


Fast javascript minifier for Meteor apps that creates source maps


  • Creates production source maps
  • Very fast by using disk and memory caches
  • Compatible with Meteor 1.6 and newer. For Meteor 1.4 - 1.5, use zodern:standard-minifier-js@3 for production source maps.
  • Generates bundle stats for bundle-visualizer

First, you need to remove standard-minifier-js from your app

meteor remove standard-minifier-js

Then add this package with:

meteor add zodern:standard-minifier-js

If you want to prevent access to the source maps, you can add the zodern:hide-production-sourcemaps package. Source maps include the original content from all of your client fields, so you probably want to hide it.

meteor add zodern:hide-production-sourcemaps

Error tracking

Source maps allow error tracking services to show you better stack traces. I run Monti APM which provides an error tracking service and can use your app's source maps with no additional config.

To use with other error tracking services, you will need to update the source maps when deploying. The source map is saved in the bundle from meteor build at programs/web.browser/<filename>.js.map.


When deploying from CI, you will need to configure the CI to cache at least parts of the .meteor/local folder for the minify cache to work. Learn more at this blog post.

Environment Variables

DISABLE_CLIENT_STATS Set to true to disable creating the stats.json file used by the bundle-visualizer. This can save 20+ seconds during production builds for large apps.

METEOR_FASTMINIFIER_CACHE_DEBUG Set to true to view the cache logs