v1.0.0Published 10 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.


A simple smart package for Meteor that provides a delete button UI component. This was formerly provided by the AutoForm package as afDeleteButton, but it had very little to do with autoform, so it was moved to this separate package.


In your Meteor app directory, enter:

$ meteor add aldeed:delete-button


The UI component, quickRemoveButton, can be used with or without a block:

1{{> quickRemoveButton collection="TestCollection" _id=this._id}}
3<!-- OR -->
5{{#quickRemoveButton collection="TestCollection" _id=this._id}}Delete Me{{/quickRemoveButton}}

When used without block content, the content of the delete button will be the word "Delete".

At minimum, you need to provide the collection and _id attributes:

  • collection: Set this to a helper that returns a Meteor.Collection instance or to a string that identifies a Meteor.Collection instance that is in the window scope.
  • _id: Set this to the _id of the document you want the button to remove.

You can optionally provide onError, onSuccess, and beforeRemove attributes, which should be set to helpers that return functions:

  • onError: A function that accepts a single argument, error, and is called only when the remove operation fails. If you don't provide this callback, there is a default onError function that displays an alert and logs the error to the browser console.
  • onSuccess: A function that accepts a single argument, result, and is called only when the remove operation succeeds.
  • beforeRemove: A function that accepts two arguments, collection and id, and is called before the document is removed. You can perform asynchronous tasks in this function, such as displaying a confirmation dialog. If the document should be removed, call this.remove().



1<template name="docList">
2  <div class="container">
3    {{#each docs}}
4    <div class="panel panel-default">
5      <div class="panel-body">
6      {{}} | {{> quickRemoveButton collection="Collections.TestCollection" _id=this._id onError=onError onSuccess=onSuccess beforeRemove=beforeRemove class="btn btn-danger"}}
7      </div>
8    </div>
9    {{/each}}
10  </div>


1Collections = {};
2Collections.TestCollection = new Meteor.Collection("test");
4if (Meteor.isClient) {
5  Template.docList.helpers({
6    docs: function () {
7      return Collections.TestCollection.find();
8    },
9    onError: function () {
10      return function (error) { alert("BOO!"); console.log(error); };
11    },
12    onSuccess: function () {
13      return function (result) { alert("YAY!"); console.log(result); };
14    },
15    beforeRemove: function () {
16      return function (collection, id) {
17        var doc = collection.findOne(id);
18        if (confirm('Really delete "' + + '"?')) {
19          this.remove();
20        }
21      };
22    }
23  });


Code contributions and fixes welcome by pull request.

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