v2.0.0Published 5 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.


A Stylus compiler for Meteor based off meteor:stylus and mquandalle:stylus


mquandalle:stylus was failing when using the import syntax as part of ecmascript modules, so I forked the excellent meteor:stylus package which supports ecmascript and caching and added the same stylus plugins that mquandalle:stylus used so it is backwards compatible with mquandalle:stylus.

2.0.0 update

This update supports globs in imports as per the stylus standard: Stylus File Globbing

Breaking changes:

  • Included Stylus plugins are no longer implicitly loaded and must be imported explicitly, like so:
    @import 'nib';
  • No longer supports Cross-packages imports,

eg: @import '{procoder:fancy-buttons}/styles/buttons.styl'

  • Rupture version bumped to 0.7.2
  • Typographic version bumped to 3.0.0
  • Axis version bumped to 1.0.0
  • Autoprefixer-stylus version bumped to 0.14.0

Warning: This version may increase build times depending on your project setup. If it does, please leave details in an issue and downgrade to 1.*. Until perf issues are resolved, I will continue to support versions >1.1.0

1.1.0 Update

This project now supports Meteor 1.8's lazy compilation via the compileOneFileLater method (Meteor PR#9983)

Included Stylus Plugins

Stylus 0.54.5 (Meteor's fork)

Expressive, dynamic, robust CSS. Curly braces and semicolons: optional.

Nib 1.1.2

Nib is a popular Stylus package that adds many helpful, basic, utility mixins.

It's important to remember to include it in your styles, like so:

@import 'nib'

Jeet 7.2.0

An advanced -- yet intuitive -- grid system. Very capable, and useful for laying out a page without cluttering up HTML with grid classes. Must be imported before use.

Rupture 0.7.1

Simple media queries for Stylus. Must be imported before use.

Typographic 3.0.0

Quick and dirty responsive typography for the rest of us. Offers great selection of common font stacks, and several ways to apply them to your document. Must be imported before use.

Axis 1.0.0

A higher-level Stylus mixin library with lots of extra functionality. Be sure not to miss the normalize() mixin. Axis uses and imports Nib, so Nib has been removed from this package. Must be imported before use.

Autoprefixer 0.14.0

An autoprefixer plugin for Stylus. Will also remove unnecessary prefixes if there is widespread browser support. It is automatic and does not need to be imported.

Stylus is a CSS pre-processor with a simple syntax and expressive dynamic behavior. It allows for more compact stylesheets and helps reduce code duplication in CSS files.

With the stylus package installed, files with the .styl extension are sent through the stylus CSS pre-processor and the results are included in the client CSS bundle.

The stylus package also includes nib support. Add @import 'nib' to any *.styl file to enable cross-browser mixins such as linear-gradient and border-radius.

If you want to @import a file, give it the extension .import.styl to prevent Meteor from processing it independently.

See for documentation of the nib extensions of Stylus.


The package processes all .styl files, treating .styl as entry points and all files with extension .import.styl or a file in under an imports folder as an import.

Also, if a file is added in a package, a special isImport: true option can be passed to mark it as an import: api.add('styles.styl', 'client', {isImport: true}).


A component stylus file, importable, but not an entry-point:

// app/components/my-component/styles.import.styl
$primary-color = #A7A7A7
    border 1px solid
    color $primary-color

The main app entry point for the styles, app.styl:

// app/app.styl
@import './components/my-component/styles.import'

// ... rest of app styles

Cross-packages imports

Note: Currently unsupported in v2.0.0

This package allows apps to import Stylus styles from packages and vice-versa. The import syntax from importing files from other packages is curly braces:

// in procoder:fancy-buttons package's package.js file
api.addFiles('styles/buttons.styl', 'client', {isImport: true});
// app.styl
// import styles from a package
@import '{procoder:fancy-buttons}/styles/buttons.styl'

// use imported styles in our code
  @extend .fancy-buttons
  color: white

To import a file from the app, leave the content of curly braces empty:

// packages/my-package/generic-buttons.styl
// import the base styles from app
@import '{}/client/imports/colors.styl'

// use the colors from app in this component
  background-color: $app-base-color

You can also import from an NPM package:

@import '{}/node_modules/vuetify/src/stylus/main'


Since this package uses custom code for @imports, some of the import syntax is not supported at the moment:

  • importing index.styl: @import ./folder/ - should automatically load ./folder/index.styl


To test this package, check out the repo and run:

meteor test-packages ./