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AutoForm Theme Bootstrap 5

This theme contains the Bootstrap 5 compatible theme for aldeed:autoform versions 6.0.0 or greater). It requires a Bootstrap 5 installation.


If you haven't installed Bootstrap 5 yet, you need to install it and it's peer dependencies using NPM.

You can (optionally) add fontawesome for builtin icons. This theme supports fontawesome 4, as well as fontawesome 5 (solid).

Also note, that Meteor's default builtin jquery is not sufficient, which is why you need to install via NPM, too.

Altogether you need the following packages:

$ meteor npm install --save bootstrap @popperjs/core
$ meteor add communitypackages:autoform-bootstrap5

Importing Bootstrap 5

Import the Bootstrap theme and optional packages in your otp level client code (for example in imports/startup/client/bootstrap.js):

1import 'bootstrap'
2import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css' // optional, default theme
3import popper from '@popperjs/core'

Importing the AutoForm theme

From here you have two options for importing this theme.

A. Static import: Adds the theme to the initial bundle (default); more comfortable but with bigger initial bundle size.

B. Dynamic imports: Adds the theme on-demand; manual effort required but lowers the footprint of the initial client bundle.

Option A - Import using static imports (default)

For statically (immediately) importing the theme you need to import the static loader module in your client's startup code:

1import { AutoFormThemeBootstrap5 } from 'meteor/communitypackages:autoform-bootstrap5/static'

That's it. The theme is imported and ready to use.

Option B - Import using dynamic imports

This theme also supports dynamic-import so your initial client bundle will contain only a minimum portion of this package's code and saves about 39 KB of size (estimated via bundle-visualizer).

In order to do so you need to import the dynamic version of the loader function:

1import { AutoFormThemebootstrap5 } from 'meteor/communitypackages:autoform-bootstrap5/dynamic'
4  .then(() => {
5    // The theme is imported. You can now make the form available.
6    // You could use a reactive var that resolves to true here
7    // or any other mechanism you like to use to reactively activate the form.
9    // You can now set this theme as default, see the next section.
10    AutoForm.setDefaultTemplate('bootstrap5')
11  })
12  .catch(err => {
13    // handle load error
14  })

Mapping Icons (optional)

The Array component contains Buttons with icons, which we now renderer with an internal fallback. We removed support for a specific icon library and now do provide a way to register your custom template to render these icons. This allows you to use your favourite icon library, like fontawesome, bootstrap icons, hero icons and more!

1import { AutoFormThemebootstrap5 } from 'meteor/communitypackages:autoform-bootstrap5/static'
3// ...make sure your icon renderer template is imported
4AutoFormThemebootstrap5.icons.register({ name: 'myIconTemplateName' })

The icon template will be called with { name } as arguments, where name is currently representing the following:

plusRepresenting a plus symbol+
minusRepresenting a minus symbol-

Make sure you correctly map these names to your icon names, in case the do differ from these values. An example implementation with fontawesome could look like this:

<template name="myIconTemplateName">
  <i class="fa fas fa-fw fa-{{name}}"></i>

Using the theme

After installation you have to options to use the theme with your forms:

Setting the theme globally

Add the following code before you create the first form:


Setting the theme locally

If you want this theme to apply only on certain forms you need to name it in the form declaration:

1{{#autoForm template="bootstrap5" ...}}
2  ...

Adding icons

If you registered an icon template (See installation - mapping icons) then you can place your custom icons within certain templates.


The submit button now contains an option buttonIcon, which renders an icon next to the submit button's content. This does not affect the other options, like buttonClasses or buttonContents.

Prepend / Append

You can now append/prepend icons or text or use text as fallback. Take a look at the following schema:

1new SimpleSchema({
2  text: {
3    type: String,
4      autoform: {
5        // rendered at the end of the input,
6        // use prepend to render at the start
7        // or both to render at start and end
8        append: {
9          icon: 'user',
10          // dynamic text is possible, too,
11          text: () => i18n.get('actions.update')
12        },
13    }
14  }

This works with all text-based inputs, color, textarea and even select!


  • 1.0.0
    • initial release


This theme is LICENSED under MIT. See the LICENSE file for more.