v0.0.8Published 5 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

accounts-password-doichain - how to blockchain your Double-Opt-ins


extends accounts-password and sends account creation emails instead over smtp but over the Doichain blockchain as a SOI (Single-Opt-In transaction)

This module needs a running both a Doichain Node and Doichain dApp in order work correctly.


  1. Setup Doichain Node and Doichain dApp as described here:
  2. Create a Meteor project meteor create my-doichain-project; cd my-doichain-project
  3. Execute meteor add accounts-password accounts-ui doichain:accounts-password-doichain
  4. Run project meteor
  5. Add {{> loginButtons}} to your template.
  6. Configure URL and credentials of your (Testnet) Doichain dApp in settings.json like so:
2  "app": {
3    "host": "localhost",
4    "port": "81",
5    "ssl": false,
6  },
7  "doichain": {
8    "dAppUsername": "admin",
9    "dAppPassword": "password"
10  }

or use a userId:token pair as invented by acccounts-password:

2  "doichain": {
3        "dappLogin": {"userId": "xyz", "authToken": "bal" }
4    }
  1. if you run your dapp on a non-public-ip

you might have to forward the http-port of the dapp (e.g. mainnet e.g. 80 or 3000 / testnet 81) to a server with public ip like so (connect local testnet http dapp port 81 to e.g. remote port 4000:

ssh -R 4000:localhost:81 your@your-remote-ssh-server