v0.2.0Published 2 years ago


SchemaDrivenUI is a Meteor Package containing some high level React components and setup functions, to build an api to feed those components with data.

meteor npm i -S chai deep-equal-in-any-order simpl-schema lodash uniforms-bridge-simple-schema-2 @fortawesome/react-fontawesome @fortAwesome/free-solid-svg-icons uniforms classnames invariant @react-hook/size @react-hook/debounce @react-hook/throttle papaparse assert react-modal react-spaces react-toastify react-virtualized @fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core react-select react-draggable react-ace janmp/uniforms-custom luxon axios

rebuild the css for tailwind unsed in this package

npx tailwindcss -o ./css/sdui.css