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Meteor HTTP + EJSON + More

This is a maintained fork of the deprecated Meteor http package. On the client it remains unchanged, while on the server it uses node-fetch instead of request. It (mostly) preserves the API of the original HTTP module.

HTTP provides an HTTP request API on the client and server. To use these functions, add the HTTP package to your project with $ meteor add http.

Additionally it uses EJSON to parse responses, so you can send custom types via your HTTP routes back to the client.

Installation and import

You can install this package via

$ meteor add jkuester:http

and import it into your code via

1import { HTTP } from 'meteor/jkuester:http'


The package preserves all the original API functionality, except npmRequestOptions (since request has been deprecated).

The API is documented in the API.md file.

If you want to send custom types, you need to read about how ejson works in Meteor.


Your contributions are very welcomed. Please ensure to run tests via:

$ meteor test-packages ./ 


We use mocha with meteortesting:mocha to run the tests. We also provide a local test project (which is not shipped with the package).

In order to setup the tests you need to change into the test project and install the test dependencies:

$ cd tests && meteor npm install

You can then leverage some of it's npm scripts to test code:

$ meteor npm run lint:code     # run linter in check mode
$ meteor npm run lint:code-fix # run linter and autofix issues
$ meteor npm run test          # run test once
$ meteor npm run test:watch    # run tests in watch mode


  • 2.3.0
    • AbortController is not used by default to comply with original API. If a value greater than -1 is given as timeout then AbortController will be called after that timeout.
  • 2.2.0
    • Add HTTP.debug to API to allow debugging of unsensitive internals
  • 2.1.0
    • Added AbortController implementation until we get Node >= 16
    • Refactored tests to use meteortesting:mocha
    • added bare tests/ project
    • use standard linter; code is now standard linted
    • added EJSON tests
    • added static file serving tests
  • 2.0.1
    • replaced JSON.stringify and JSON.parse with EJSON
  • 2.0.0
    • ported original http package and replaced request with fetch


The original package is part of the Meteor core, which is MIT licensed. There is no intention to alter the license so this package preserves the original MIT license.