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An upgraded version of Meteor subscribe, which helps optimize data and performance!

Why hypersubs?

This is the overwritten version of Meteor subscribe. It optimizes performance by not create connect sent to the server when it is not needed. Hypersubs only creates one connection for multiple subscriptions when detected it is duplicate (same publication name and params). Hypersubs only make a real connection (for the first time call Meteor.subscribe), since the second times call Meteor.subscribe, they will be optimized reuse the connection is existed!


read more in atmospherejs

$ meteor add lamhieu:hypersubs

All the rest of the packages are automatically made for you, no need to change anything in your source code!

How it work?

On the page, every time you call Meteor.subscribe, the system will create a subscription and start its workflow, it will send the request to the server, and get back in the message returned from the server. When you call Meteor.subscribe with the same arguments and names in multiple locations, the system creates separate connections, so there is a need for unnecessary connections!

For example:


At element A, we call Meteor.subscribe('getData', '_id') and somewhere in the page (many other elements) also call Meteor.subscribe('getData', '_id') each time you call to it the system thing will create a server communication connection! things are not re-used!

with hpersubs

At immortality A, we call Meteor.subscribe('getData', '_id') and somewhere in the page, even if you recall something like that, we only created one communication line with the server. and it is re-used! The server you are working less, the speed of subscribe feedback is returned immediately!