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This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Unblock helper inside Meteor Publications

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This package provides this.unblock inside Meteor publications. Unblock publications are one of most(may be a little bit less) requested feature and but it hasn't been implemented yet!

This package is like a new version of meteorhacks/unblock for Meteor the version 1.7 or later.

In this package, we also use the same way as meteorhacks/unblock to unblock the publications.

Why unblock?

Meteor executes DDP messages for a single client in a sequence. So, if one message takes a lot of time to process, that time will add up to all the messages. Fortunately, there is an API called as this.unblock help for other messages can start processing without waiting for the above method. But this is not available for Publications and this package is support for that feature.



meteor add lamhieu:unblock

Use inside publications

1Meteor.publish('publicationName', function() {
2  this.unblock();
3  // do somethings