v0.5.7Published 7 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Angular 2 compilers for Meteor with Blaze

This package uses and registers the compilers that required for working with Angular 2.0 in Meteor.

The compilers are:

  • HTML templates compiler (which compiles ng2.html files) in the client side so you can use both Blaze templates and Angular 2 HTML templates.
  • TypeScript compilers (which compiler ts files) in both client & server.

The TypeScript compiler in use is barbatus/ts-compilers.

Installing the compilers

Add the compilers for Angular 2.0 by running:

$ meteor add angular2-compilers

Note that with this package, you do not have to remove `blaze-html-templates' package from your app.

How to use those compilers?

So you do not have to do anything else besides adding the compilers to your project. The compilers will automatically compiles every .ts file and .ng2.html file you add to your project.