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What is it ?

A client-only Meteor package which provides a combination of Bootstrap Toasts and Alerts:

  • as toast, the provided message automatically disappear after a (configurable) timeout
  • as alert, we may have a distinct color for a distinct information level.

Here the 'tolerts' are displayed on the top-right corner of the window.

Disclaimer: this is not my own idea, but don't remember where I have found that, most probably on SO.


Very simple indeed. Just import the globally exported object, and enjoy:

    import { tlTolert } from 'meteor/pwix:tolert';
    ... 'An information message' );


Package is very simple, so only provides one configuration option.

Calling tlTolert.configure(), passing your configuration object as a single parameter, from your top-level code, is enough.


A global object


(client-only) methods attached to the global object

  • tlTolert.error()
  • tlTolert.success()
  • tlTolert.warning()

These four methods use the corresponding Bootstrap color codes as a colored background of the tolert.


  • tlMessage

This is just a placeholder that you have to include anywhere in your application main layout.

It will not take any place inside your layout as only (temporarily) visible over the window.

NPM peer dependencies

Starting with v 1.1.0, and in accordance with advices from the Meteor Guide, we no more hardcode NPM dependencies in the Npm.depends clause of the package.js.

Instead we check npm versions of installed packages at runtime, on server startup, in development environment.

Dependencies as of v 1.1.0:

  • @popperjs/core, starting with v 2.11,
  • bootstrap, starting with v 5.2.

Each of these dependencies should be installed at application level:

    meteor npm install <package> --save

P. Wieser

  • Last updated on 2023, Jan. 31st