v1.17.1-beta.1Published last year

Company Api Client package

Meteor Package containing utils & schemas to work with Q42 internal tooling

Getting up and running

  • meteor add accounts-google
  • meteor add accounts-ui
  • meteor add q42internal:company-api-client

Add to client & server code: Accounts.config({restrictCreationByEmailDomain:'q42.nl'});

Add to client code: Accounts.ui.config({requestOfflineToken: {google: true}, forceApprovalPrompt: {google:true}});

Now the first time you run the project you have to configure your google login. Create your own, or ask the Happy Tools team for one. At the bottom, choose Redirect-based login

Done! Now you can subscribe and query to stuff from the Company-API documented on https://github.com/Q42/company-api.