v0.3.10Published 3 months ago


Meteor typescript compiler plugin package.

Depends on for the bulk of the implementation.

This project is just a small wrapper to install the compiler as a Meteor plugin.


This plugin is based on the incremental compilation support released in Typescript 3.6 and works like a dropin replacement to the old barbatus:typescript package and its forks.

Some main attributes:

  • Outputs type compilation errors as part of the build process and will fail if a file could not be transpiled to js.
  • Uses settings in tsconfig.json (overrides a few, like "incremental")

How to install and use

# meteor remove typescript # (if needed)
# meteor add refapp:meteor-typescript

Cached files

To get advantage of cached files on a build server, ensure that you save and restore the content of the .meteor/local/plugin-cache directory between builds.

git clone
git clone

cd meteor-typescript/tests/small-typescript-app/
meteor npm install
meteor run

This builds the two packages and uses them to try to compile the small example app.