v0.3.14Published 2 days ago


Meteor typescript compiler plugin package.

Depends on for the bulk of the implementation.

This project is just a small wrapper to install the compiler as a Meteor plugin.


This plugin is based on the incremental compilation support released in Typescript 3.6 and works like a dropin replacement to the old barbatus:typescript package and its forks.

Some main attributes:

  • Outputs type compilation errors as part of the build process and will fail if a file could not be transpiled to js.
  • Uses settings in tsconfig.json (overrides a few, like "incremental")

If the TYPESCRIPT_FAIL_ON_COMPILATION_ERRORS environment variable is set to a value other than 0 or false, compilation errors will also make the meteor compilation fail. Since files with compilation errors often still emit javascript code, that is something you probably want to enable in ci build environments only.

How to install and use

# meteor remove typescript # (if needed)
# meteor add refapp:meteor-typescript

Cached files

To get advantage of cached files on a build server, ensure that you save and restore the content of the .meteor/local/plugin-cache directory between builds.

git clone
git clone

cd meteor-typescript/tests/small-typescript-app/
meteor npm install
meteor run

This builds the two packages and uses them to try to compile the small example app.