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This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Universe Modules NPM

Extension for package universe:modules that adds possibility of bundling npm packages into universe modules. Works on both sides (client/server). Provides mappings of dependencies npm <-> universe:modules without keeping of duplicates in npm bundle.

And you can use it, just like that:

import cn from '{username:mypackage}/packages/classnames';

How It works

In Meteor Package

  1. Create file .npm.json, like myPacks.npm.json and add it to package.js by api.addFiles
  2. In package.js add dependency universe:modules-npm
  3. Add some packages under key packages (as a name:version pairs) to file myPacks.npm.json:
  "packages": {
      "classnames": "2.1.3",
      "react-widgets": "2.8.2",
      // You can even attach comments here
      "typographic-numbers": "0.2.1"
  1. You can import already added packages.
import classNames from '{username:mypackage}/myPacks/classnames';
import typographicNumbers from '{username:mypackage}/myPacks/typographic-numbers';
import {globalizeDateLocalizer} from '{username:mypackage}/myPacks/react-widgets/lib/globalize-localizers';

// All packages from file
import {typographicNumbers, classnames} from '{username:mypackage}/myPacks';
// names of packages are converted to camelcase variable name

In app

You can use It outside of package too. To do that please create and add in application space file myfile.npm.json. And now, you can import something like this: import classNames from 'myfile/classnames'


Replacing requirements of npm modules to system js modules

    "classnames": "2.1.3",
    "rc-tabs": "5.5.0"
  "system": {
    // In bundle "react" will be replaced by universe:modules dependency.
    "dependencies": ["react", "react-dom"]

In example we can see how to change source of module for require('react') from NPM dependencies on to System Js System.import('react'). All call to 'react/*' by require() will be redirected to System.import()

Tip: Package universe:utilities-react from version 0.5.1 provides react from meteor package under system module "react" with dependencies "react/" like "react/addons" . It means that if you want use some npm package (that need "react/addons", "react/lib/" ...) Instead of manually register of modules for systemjs, you can use our package universe:utilities-react to provide react modules.

Importing files inside npm package

lets assume we have added package "react-widgets": "2.8.2", in file myPacks.npm.json

And path to interesting Us file inside npm package is: ./lib/globalize-localizers.js

Our import in es6 will be looks like:

import {globalizeDateLocalizer} from '/myPacks/react-widgets/lib/globalize-localizers';

There is possible only if file is required, but if in package are optional files to import (or others entry) We can pass to *.npm.json other files that should be bundled. Key entries is for that situations.


{ //some.npm.json
    "packages": {
        "globalize": "0.1.1"
    "entries": [

importing in es6:

import from '/some/globalize/lib/cultures/globalize.culture.pl-PL'   


This package uses browserify for bundling. You can pass options in the same file under key browserify to make changes on this process

  "packages": {
     "jedify": "1.0.0"
  "browserify": {
      "transforms": {
        "jedify": { lang: 'nb_NO' }

Code and documentation © 2015 Vazco.eu Released under the MIT license.

This package is part of Universe, a package ecosystem based on Meteor platform maintained by Vazco. It works as standalone Meteor package, but you can get much more features when using the whole system.