v1.5.1Published 8 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Universe Utilities for blaze

$ meteor add universe:utilities-blaze

Template Helpers

Compare helpers

  • eq {{#if eq 'a' 'a'}} {{/if}},
  • eqWeak,
  • gt,
  • gte,
  • lt,
  • lte,
  • ne

Logic helpers

  • or {{#if or value1 value2}} {{/if}},
  • and

Developers helpers

  • log {{log .}}
  • logTimeStart

template version of console.time

  • logTimeEnd

template version of console.timeEnd

Session helpers

  • sessionGet
  • sessionEquals

Other helpers

  • routeIs work with Iron Router and FlowRouter

  • formatDateMoment (value, format)

  • extendOuterContext When you need to pass arguments to template and keep current context at the same tame use: {{#with extendOuterContext ..}}

  • extendContext

It will extend current context with given arguments key/value pairs given as key=value or "key" value into helper function

{{>templateName extendContext "key1" value1 "key2" value2}}
// or
{{>templateName extendContext key1=value1 key2=value2}}
  • getLoggedIn

returns UniUser object

  • getLoggedInId

  • concat

  • UniUtils

access to object UniUtils from template

  • getParentTemplateInstance (templateName, currentTemplateInstance)

Gets instance parent of current template it works everywhere where Template.instance() works

  • getTemplateInstanceByDOM(domElemOrJQuery)

Gets instance of template by DOM element useful when you need a template instance which is not your parent template