v0.5.18Published 2 years ago

Doichain Meteor API

This meteor project adds the Doichain (see REST API to your web project.


  1. Prerequisites
    • running Doichain Node in Mainnet or Testnet (manual installation see: or via docker
      • (Mainnet) or via Docker-Hub docker run -it -p 8339:8339 doichain/node-only (RPC_PASSWORD is generated and inside the docker container ~/.doichain/doichain.conf)
      • (Testnet) or via Docker-Hub docker run -it -e TESTNET=true -p 18339:18339 -e RPC_PASSWORD=<my-rpc-password> doichain/node-only
      • If you want to forward blocknotify and walletnotify from doichain node to your dApp you might want to make use of
      • Remark: you might want to forward a public server remote port for Bob's callback to your local machine via e.g. ssh -R 4000:localhost:3000 your@your-remote-ssh-server (since your local machine cannot be reached from the internt)
  2. Funding (as described
  3. Installation
  4. Test REST-API (as described: