v1.0.0Published 7 years ago

This package has not had recent updates. Please investigate it's current state before committing to using it in your project.

Meteor user status

Reactively setup user's [on|off]line and idle status into Meteor.user().profile.online, returns Boolean value. This package is meant to work only within accounts-base package, when users will login/logout.


meteor add ostrio:user-status

ES6 Import:

1import { UserStatus } from 'meteor/ostrio:user-status';


Simply add and use with accounts-base and accounts-password packages, ostrio:user-status will work silently behind it in the background, - doesn't require any setting up.

ReactiveVar UserStatus.status can be used to identify current user's status

1import { UserStatus } from 'meteor/ostrio:user-status';
2UserStatus.status.get(); // One of offline, online, idle

Session UserStatusIdle can be used to identify if user currently is idle

1Session.get('UserStatusIdle'); // Boolean true when user is idle

Updated user's object

2  username: String,
3  emails: [Object],
4  createdAt: Date,
5  updatedAt: Date,
6  profile: {
7    location: {
8      ip: String     //-> Current or last used user's IP
9    },
10    online: Boolean, //-> Is user online
11    idle: Boolean,   //-> Is user online but idle
12    lastLogin: Date  //-> Current or last login time
13  },
14  connection: String //-> Current or last used DDP Connection ID

Idle Status

Why idle?: Some apps require your constant attention. Such apps often include games, media players, anything that is CPU/battery intensive, and so on. For these kinds of apps, it may be important (as well as user-friendly) to do something when a user is no longer actively interacting with your app.

To control idle status for current client use - Session.get('UserStatusIdle').