v2.1.5Published 3 years ago

Meteor Package Server Sync

A client for Meteor Package Server API.

Creates and syncs all data about packages to local MongoDB collections and keeps them in sync.

Code Quality

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meteor add peerlibrary:meteor-packages


On the server-side, you initialize it like this:

1import { Meteor } from "meteor/meteor";
2import { PackageServer } from "meteor/peerlibrary:meteor-packages";
4Meteor.startup(function() {
5  PackageServer.startSyncing({
6    //options - the following are the defaults if not passed
7    logging: false, // When true, informational log messages will be printed to the console
8    sync: {
9      builds: true, // Should information about package builds be stored
10      releases: true, // Should information about Meteor releases and release tracks be stored
11      stats: true, // Should package stats be fetched and stored
12    }
13  });

Initial syncing might take quite some time.

Then on the server you can register code that will only run after the initial data sync has completed with PackageServer.runIfSyncFinished . For example it will run directly after the sync completes, and then again subsequently at starup when PackageServer.startSyncing() is called. This allows you add things such as collection-hooks that shouldn't run while the initial sync is happening.

1import { Meteor } from "meteor/meteor";
2import { PackageServer } from "meteor/peerlibrary:meteor-packages";
4PackageServer.runIfSyncFinished(() => {
5  PackageServer.ReleaseVersions.after.insert((userId, doc) => {
6    Feed.addEvent('Meteor Release', doc.version);
7  })

The following collections can be accessed on the server or client. For the client you'll of course need to publish the necessary data.

  • PackageServer.Packages
  • PackageServer.Versions
  • PackageServer.Builds
  • PackageServer.ReleaseTracks
  • PackageServer.ReleaseVersions
  • PackageServer.LatestPackages
  • PackageServer.Stats

LatestPackages collection is the same as Versions, except that it contains only the latest versions of packages.

Schema of documents is the same as described in the documentation with a couple exceptions.

  1. Versions collection's dependencies field is represented as an array of objects where package

name is stored as packageName key. This is to support package names with . in the name without any problems.

  1. Packages collection will contain 2 additional fields, directAdds, and totalAdds which are the direct and total install counts for the corresponding package.

  2. Stats collection adds the date field to the document for ease of querying chronologically.


While this package isn't currently implemented in Typescript, there are type definitions provided for your convenience in the typings.d.ts file in the root of this project.